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"A show based on Anand Guruji's Astrology who is well known astrologer in Karnataka.He is well known for his programmes like Pranavam, Dharma Darpana etc.This show involves exploring the spiritual realm with unique methods of predictions and discourses by Shri. Anand Guruji.”

‘Samskrithi’, the Sanskrit word for culture, is derived from the root word ‘Samskara’ which means the dual process of removing dust and dirt, and planting the virtues of Truth, Right Conduct, Love, Non-violence and Love. Certain obligatory rites of initiation and purification prescribed by the Vedas for one’s spiritual upliftment, are also referred to as Samskaras. There are 48 such, but all of them can be reduced to just one, which is the final and fulfilling one - recognition of one’s identity with the Divine. Man (Nara) is God (Narayana). The individual entity (Jiva) is Divinity (Brahman) seen through the limitations of primal ignorance.

Dr. Shri Anand Guruji is well know astrologer and a thinker from Bangalore.

Dharma Darpana is a devotional program featuring Shri. Anand Guruji.

This show involves exploring the spiritual realm with unique

methods of predictions and discourses by Shri. Anand Guruji.

“Religious and spiritual leader Sri Maharshi Anand Guruji is preaching and spreding

knowledge through Darma Darpana. By adopting traditional customs, man can lead a

good life in this modern world also. Guruji is capable of explaining these important

things in simple ways. He is an expert in analyzing the things in a different manner. Sri

Maharshi Anand Guruji will also give solutions to the audience personal problems.”


Anand Guruji

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"When this Supreme Self (God) is within you, where is the need to search for someone to teach you?" "God is the indweller in the heart. When you experience this, you will lack nothing and will be ever blissful. You will commit no wrong and fear none. Your conscience will be your guide."

"You may learn from anyone, but dedicate all your knowledge to God. That is true spirituality. That is real devotion. Place your entire trust in God and not in self-seeking Gurus. Before performing any act, utter a prayer offering to God."

"Give the Guru your mind as you would entrust gold to goldsmith. The Guru may need to melt, mould or beat your mind. But do not worry, as He will return to you a precious jewel. Do not say, 'Swami! Give me peace, but don't give me pain.' As Guruji may need to inflict pain before the process of purification is completed."

'The so-called Gurus of today seek to impart some Mantras and receive offerings as 'Guru-Dakshina' on Guru-Purnima day. The Mantra is whispered in the ear and palm is stretched for an offering. This is what happens today. It is not a proper sign of Guru."