About Sri Dr.Maharshi Anand Guruji

Sri Dr.Maharshi Anand Guruji is well known astrologer from Karnataka

Sri Dr.Maharshi Anand Guruji is a gifted astrologer. He has written a number of books on Astrology & Vastu. He is also interested to teach astrology to those who are interested astrology .

Sri Dr.Maharshi Anand Guruji has found international claim with a diligent list of followers who have been touched deeply by his abiding faith and ability to positively influence and affect their lives. The Guru helps people of all faith and backgrounds to seek answers and solutions to the most complex factors of their lives. He uses the knowledge and practice of the Vedas and other spiritual texts in association with the scientific factors of gemology, astrological charts, and his own spiritual capacity - to prove successfully the power of prayers and Vedic rituals and the influence of varied controlled factors that can positively effect every ones lives.